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The BREW vision survey took place from 4th May until 6th June 2021. The survey was available via the online platform Survey Monkey and paper copies were sent to homes in the parish along with the local life magazine, 320 responses were received. In addition, an in-person drop in feedback event was held on 28th May to invite the community to have the opportunity to more openly share their thoughts and feedback which was attended by over 45 people.  A number of letters and emails containing open feedback were also received.

All information has been collated and those responses received that were open feedback – in person or via letter and email have been put through sentiment analysis process identifying the most common themes of feedback. This feedback will also be reviewed again in the next stage of the BREW project.

We want to thank everyone that participated and for all their valuable feedback, it has demonstrated the passion of the community and the love for the area we live in. It is acknowledged that there was negative feedback regarding the survey and BREW via social media – centred around the survey not allowing enough flexibility to reject any suggested improvements. The survey was intended to refine comments received from the public during the previous neighbourhood plan survey, where many of the areas and themes emergeg.. The BREW group is still in the stage of forming the vision, and we are openly welcoming on-going feedback and engagement from all areas of the community to take this project forward.

The next step for BREW is to hold a series of in person meetings for each of the key areas: Bookers Green, East Wittering Centre, Bracklesham Centre and Parks and Open Spaces (Bracklesham Park and Downview). This will provide the opportunity for the open feedback received for each area to be reviewed in detail, and project teams to be formed for the community to work together to identify a longer-term plan for project bids for these areas.

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BREW Vision Survey Results

Please note, The BREW Vision has no connection with and has no influence over the number of houses built in our area or where new houses are placed.  It will help the Parish Council to make better spending decisions for the developer contributions that we have already received from existing developments that have to be spent on capital community infrastructure projects and currently total just over £190,000. Please contact Chichester District Council directly about matters related to houses and planning.